We found our little dream cavalier at Painted Blessings after web searching. Our family already had a Ruby and he needed a buddy to hang around with all day so I Googled and found Painted Blessing's Cavaliers. I didn’t know anything about them but started an email conversation with Brooke, the owner. She was super responsive and friendly and told me about one of her little Blenheim males that needed a home. She sent me pictures and I was in love!  

I am in Texas and she is in Missouri and I knew we weren’t going to be able to drive there to pick him up, so Miss Brooke set him up with a one-way airline ticket just for dogs!

The day he was to arrive, we took our son out of school and took a day off from work and met him at the airport. I’ll never forget how calm and precious he was stepping out of this airline crate with a gently wagging tail.  He was so brave and curious. And he smelled great, because Brooked dabbed him with a calming essential oil for his airplane ride. It was clear to us that he was obviously well-loved and cared for, and that he came from tip-top conditions before we adopted him.

He has a gentle, loving, cuddly temperament and is extremely patient with all the kids that run in and out of our house. I HIGHLY recommend Brooke and Painted Blessings Cavaliers. Their dogs are obviously loved and doted on. I’m happy that I have been able to stay in touch with her after we adopted our little guy. He is everything we needed in our home.

Janet C. & Jiggs-Texas

My husband and I feel very blessed to be an owner of a beautiful little female  from Jeff and Brooke's Painted Blessing's Cavaliers.  We have had the honor of getting to know these two wonderful breeders who take great care of their dogs and puppies.  We highly recommend Jeff and Brooke if you want a healthy, top quality, with the sweetest disposition in a puppy.  They are truly great people.  Thank you Jeff and Brooke!

Jerry & Lana H. & Lily-Missouri 

Dear Brooke, Cole, and new baby newsom,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Gracie Mae. We couldn't have asked for a puppy with a better disposition. At 6 months of age she has already passed beginning adult classes and has been in the nursing home environment two times. It is very obvious that you have put a lot of effort and thought  into your dogs and breeding. We can't wait  to add another fur baby into family.

Looking forward to Adding another fur baby.

Becky M. & GraceMae-Wisconsin

I had a wonderful experience with Painted Blessings. My baby is a Blenheim boy. I got him to keep me company on my move to Dallas, TX. Therefore, his name is Dallas! Working with Brooke was great! I got to visit him at five weeks to start building a bond. He’s healthy and definitely a mommas boy. I love him! Thanks Painted Blessings!

Heather S. & Dallas-Texas

We got Max this past summer and we are so thankful for such an easy process. Max came to us so healthy and perfect! Brooke made it so easy with great communication and frequent updating us on how our pup was doing! Thank you Brooke! 

I could go on and on! Thank you!

Miranda C. & Max-Louisianna

This was one of my best experiences. My baby Elsie was flown in to Pheonix and when I picked her up I was under a great deal of stress. Elsie was such a great stress reduction. Working with Brooke was so much fun. She kept in contact with us and sent Christmas cards. After we lost Elsie I called Brooke to see about another puppy. I'm waiting not so patiently for her birth. I know these babies are loved and socialized so well. I would always turn to Brooke instead of the breeders here in Arizona. Love you guys!

Annette & Elsie-Arizona

We had a wonderful experience adopting our beautiful tricolor Cavalier King Charles puppy from Brooke at Painted Blessings Cavaliers.  They were very easy to work with as we reserved our puppy from an upcoming litter.  Brooke kept us updated with lots of pictures and videos after the puppies arrived and we fell in love with our little Hank. Painted Blessings made sure the puppies were healthy and vet checked with initial shots.  Hank is the sweetest boy and we couldn’t imagine a better addition to our family.  We would recommend Painted Blessings Cavaliers to anyone lookingfor a beautiful, healthy Cavalier puppy. 


Cyndie S. & Hank-Missouri

I waited over two years since the passing of our previous Cavalier before I felt ready for another one...I had been looking off and on for a few months when I came across Painted Blessings. Things fell into place and we brought home Emerson in March of this year. He is everything we hoped he would be and much more! He is so sweet, loves to snuggle, plays well with our other dog and our cat, and has been super healthy! We could not be more pleased with our new family member!

Amanda & Emerson- Missouri

Hi Brooke,
This is a precious laid back happy girl.We love her soooo much !!!! I would get another one from you, no doubt !!!!!

Ellie & Abbey-Tennessee
Last year I decided I wanted to adopt a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. It didn’t take much research to find out that this breed is often beset by serious health issues, and the best advice is to find a breeder who has the sire and dame checked for all the known genetic problems. I was also determined to find a breeder who was not in any way running a puppy mill. Unfortunately, I found there are quite a few people who carelessly breed cavaliers without worrying about the dogs’ long term health and happiness, and I almost gave up. Finding Brooke Newsom was the answer to my prayers, and I heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy, happy cavalier from an excellent breeder! When I first spoke with Brooke over the phone, she put me at ease by patiently answering all my questions and providing candid information about all her dogs. We were delighted to meet her family and see her breeding operation. She is extremely knowledgeable about cavaliers, and determined to provide only dogs that further enhance the breed, both in terms of health and appearance, but also in behavior and ability to fit in to the adoptive household. Brooke provided me with all the necessary paperwork for AKC registration, health certificates for our new puppy (Percy) and both his parents, and everything else I needed to successfully introduce Percy to his new home. I was able to tour her property and see all her kennel and exercise facilities, as well as meet Percy’s parents and all her other dogs. Percy is an absolute joy to have in our house, and so unlike every other dog we have owned! He was well socialized before we adopted him, and is always well behaved—even though he is at the point of being terribly spoiled!
Terre & Percy-Arkansas
Brooke is such a sweet person who truly loves her dogs and their puppies! She is a great breeder and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her and her beautiful dogs to everyone!

Kayla & Tota-Kentucky
Ali (the smaller sister) and Bella (the larger) are in my opinion the best dogs we have ever had in our family!  They are so gentle and loving, as well as being intelligent and trainable. They easily adapted to our lifestyle - they enjoy sitting in our laps, and unlike other dogs in our neighborhood, are not barkers (unless they find a turtle!). They are beautiful dogs, with Ali having a remarkable resemblance to her mother, with Bella being somewhat stockier and a bit larger. We are so glad we got them both together!  Being a bit older we are less "playful" than some pet parents, so having two always ensures they have a playmate. It is so comical, and so much fun to watch them taking turns chasing each other around the yard and house!  And often they will "argue" with each other like an old married couple!  They have stolen our hearts and we could not be happier with them.
The Gotts, Ali & Bella-Missouri
When deciding to get a pet for our family, I researched what size and breed. I narrowed it down to a few breeds and it didn't take long for me to realize that a Cavalier would be the best choice for us. The sweet-tempered, playful yet gentle personality is exactly what we needed. Narrowing down the breed wasn't too hard but finding the perfect breeder wasn't easy. I knew I needed someone trustworthy, honest and most importantly someone who will care for our future puppy properly. It was discouraging- the process of finding a breeder, a good one. So when I came across Brooke it felt like a relief. And I knew she was the breeder I was looking for. The entire process was so great. We stayed in touch and informed about every detail. Getting to see the pictures and updates. She was so informative and well educated regarding the puppies. Her tips and education on the breed were so appreciated. We are now owners of the cutest Cavalier boy and I can't imagine this process going any smoother than it did. The best two choices we made were getting a cavalier and choosing Painted Blessing's
Nash & The Bridges Family-Missouri
My mom and I had previously adopted Hank and Dallas about a year ago when we decided it was time to grow our fur family. For me, Dallas was an only child pup and I felt he needed a friend. I was very apprehensive as Dallas has only child syndrome. However, Mr Darcy and Dallas were fast friends. I live in the DFW area while my parents live in Springfield MO. Brooke was very kind to let my parents visit and FaceTime with me at 5 weeks. She has always been very accommodating. Another two weeks and Mr. Darcy was home and my family grew to three! For my mom, Chloe was an unexpected surprise. They knew they wanted another little girl but didn’t expect to get one so soon. Chloe is Mr Darcy’s sister and we are so lucky to have the two of them Together in our family. Now we have four and they all love each other and get very excited to see each Other. We are very thankful to Brooke and her family for helping us find our fur babies.
Heather S., Dallas & Mr. Darcy/Cyndie S., Hank & Chloe

Painted Blessing's Cavaliers is the "cream of the crop". I do not believe there is a better breeder than Brooke Newsom!!!! She is a wealth of knowledge and everything she has advised me on....has been "spot on"!!! We purchased a blenheim male from her. Her dogs are very sociable, personable and smart. Everyone that meets Scout (our King Charles) falls in love. Brooke goes beyond your typical breeder in knowledge of this breed. We had a previous King Charles and that breeder paled in comparison to Brooke. If you purchase one of Brooke's beautiful King Charles Cavaliers....I promise...you will want another. I did a lot of research on King Charles Cavaliers breeders and Brooke is the one!!! You will love her and the precious fur babies!!!

Scout & Karen G.- Tennessee