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VRS Glad-Ease (2 month supply) CHEWABLE


Cavaliers can be prone to anal gland trouble. Have you notice scooting or itching? Left un-treated this can lead to ruptured anal glands and even surgery!

Your veterinarian recommends gland-ease™ to stop the scoot! It addresses the underlying cause of your dog’s anal gland problems, with ingredients that promote proper stool consistency and enable your pet to naturally express its anal glands. 

Ingredients: Pumpkin, sweet potato and apple fiber increase stool bulk and firmness to help your dog’s anal glands empty naturally when they defecate.

Formulated with probiotics to support digestive health, which supports healthy anal gland function from the inside out. 

Long-term use is key. 

Dogs with chronic anal gland issues should use gland-ease™ on a regular, long-term basis to keep their anal glands healthy and prevent future problems. While many dogs will see results within 1 week, more severe anal gland problems may require up to 6 weeks of regular usage to achieve desired benefits.

Use: Dogs 0-30#, 1/2 tab daily.

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