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VRS Oral Health Probiotic (4 month supply)


Entero TrueBenefits is an excellent probiotic specific for dogs mouth health. If your dog suffers from bad breath and requires frequent dentals, they are most likely lacking this specific probiotic in their bodies. This is especially effective if used immediatly after a dentail cleaning. 



A safe, yet powerful strain of the naturally-occurring oral microbe S. salivarius, specifically for mouth and throat health. S. salivarius is shelf stable and does not require special handling or refrigeration. 


Lactobacillus sporogenes: assures that the live organism is delivered to the intestinal tract. This spore survives processing, mixing, packaging and storage conditions, and most importantly, the extremely low pH environment of the stomach.


Provides a nutrient source for the sustainability of healthy enteric bacteria and Lactobacillus sporogenes.


Apple peel polyphenols: provides natural stabilization of the intestinal tract and acts as an oral cleanser.

Use: 1 scoop daily on food 0-30#.

4 month supply.

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