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P. B Ear Oil 1 ounce


A blend of specific Young Living essential oils that we have found helps promote ear health.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavendar, Basil, Geraniu, Theives blend, Lemongrass, Purification blend, and Copaiba.

Reccomened use: When using essential oils near dogs we always reccomend first allowing them to acclimate to them and watching for signs of adverse reactions. simply allow your dog to smell the unopened bottle. Watch thier response. Are they leary, indifferent or attracted to it. If they are indifferent or attracted, open the bottle and apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub together and pet on your dogs back. Then let your dog smell your hands and watch for reaction. If they continue to be indifferent or attracted, then continue and apply to the inside of each ear.

Maintenance: 5 drops per ear once per week. Massage into ear canal. 

Treatment-of yeasty ears, infection, or mites: 5 drops per ear 1-3 times daily depending on severity, massage into ear canal. 

STOP using this product if dog seems in discomfort, pain, redness or swelling worsen or do not resolve after 10 days.

1 ounce = approx. 500 drops or a 1 year supply for weekly maintenance.

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