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Welcome to our "home" online! We are very dedicated & honoured to the preserving of such a sweet and special breed, the Cavalier! We are also very passionate about using holistic and natural veterinary practices when careing for our dogs and raising puppies. We also can't wait to place one of our puppies in your home and educate you as well on how to maintain your Cavaliers health and longevity!

While I would say we are not a puppymill, in the sense of mass producing puppies of multiple breeds for broker sales in pet stores. Becase our puppies are raised within sight of my recliner, and this is not allowed if one is USDA licensed! However, everyone has their own idea or opinion of what is a "good" or "bad" breeder, a puppymill, or backyard breeder. So, I'll just say up front what I am, and what I am not, and you can decide whether you would like to pursue a puppy from us, or to just quietly disagree and move on. :)

I am not USDA Licensed, I do not want to be for many reasons. I want to be able to do what I feel is best for each individual dog, not what the government has decided for me. We fall under the hobby/show breeder category. We do not ship our puppies via cargo or without an escort, as that requires USDA Licensing. But we do offer to meet part way, meet you or a puppy nanny at a nearby airport. 

We do raise 4-6 litters per year with the intention of creating healthy puppies for family pets. We do not just breed an occasional litter solely for the purpose of showing.
Yes, we do have a "real" job, and don't "live off" our "mistreated" dogs as some may think or suggest. However, I believe if done with integrity and purpose, there is no wrong in earning money raising dogs, however little it may actually be! There are literally millions of dollars earned by veterinarians for the care of animals, dog food manufactures, toy manufacturers, pet sitting, pet grooming, doggy daycare, training facilities, dog shows, why is it okay to earn an income in all these areas, but suddenly horrible to earn any income for all our hard work raising a litter of puppies? I do not believe that by intentionally bringing a puppy into this world, that I am "murdering" a helpless puppy in a shelter somewhere. My puppies are sold into pre-screened homes, with a contract stateing the return of the puppy if ANYTHING changes. Often, buyers have been on a wait list for some time before the breeding even takes place. My puppies are DESIRED, WANTED, before they exist! The real "murderer", is the irresponsible owners who do not spay/neuter or otherwise properly restrain their intact dogs to prevent the unwanted matings/puppies. And then, furthermore, they drop them off on a street corner, at a shelter or give them to a person without any background of the families ability to properly care for the puppy or any way to follow up in future.  

We range from having 6-12 dogs at any given time, of various gender, colors and ages. And not all of my dogs are all in my house at every moment of every day. ( Can you imagine 4 intact males dogs and a couple under-aged female puppies in season all mingling together, Oh My! ) We have a large fenced yard with access to heat/air, water and shelter at all times when they're out. You see, when breeding to maintain the longevity of a purebred, or desired bloodline, having just one male and two or three females sounds like a tidey little program. But it makes it very difficult to match the proper health genetics & color genetics, both health-wise and breed correct conformation-wise. You would be quite surprised to find out how many dogs it takes to acheive the right combination of genetics. I often feel like I need a peg board of post-it notes yarn and thumb tacks when figuring some of this out! While we enjoy showing our dogs, and desire to maintain proper breed type (looks of the classic Cavalier), appropriate toy size (#13-#18), temperament (super-duper sweet!), and health (this breed is PLAGUED by heart, patella and other DNA recognized issues). Health is #1 to me. But what ultimately makes the whole dog.....A little is genetics, a little is the immune health and over health of the parents before they ever produce puppies, and a lot is how the puppy/dog is fed and cared for throughout it's life. I do the best I can on my end by health screening parents from sound bloodlines, making sure my dads and moms are in great health prior to breeding and then I educate you on careing for your baby, and the rest is up to nature. Next I focus on breed type, temperament, lastly, color. I know every wants those CLASSIC Blenheim markings with the perfect Queen's Thumbprint on the top of their adorable little heads. But lets face it, how pretty is it when they're unable to play ball because of poor heart health, or can't get up and down the stairs due to weak patellas. Not to scare you away, all purebred dogs have a common array of health problems. We are dealing with a rather small gene pool when you really think about it. The good AND the bad will be present and passed along. But let's be real. I didn't marry my husband for his genetic health or family tree. I married him because I loved him and he loved me, and we're in this life together, whatever it brings us! That being said, you will never regret loving or being loved by a Cavalier!
~ Brooke

Cavaliers originated in England, a very popular and loyal companion or "lap" dog. The larger of the Toy breeds. 

Their average life expectancy is 10+ years, though some have reached as much as 14 years. They reach between 12"-13" tall at the withers and 12-18 pounds in weight. Their coats are silky soft. They don't require any clipping unless desired, but once their puppy coat has shed off and their adult coat is in they can shed a pretty heavy amount. So a sanitary clip, complete clip or regular use of the defurminator can help reduce shedding. They are low on the list of hyperallergenic canines. Weekly bathing and grooming reduces the amount of dust bunnies in your home.  

Cavalier's have a wonderfully uplifting, sensitive personality. They love to play, live to please and will keep you smiling and laughing with all their antics. :)

They enjoy healthy treats & chews like green beans, blueberries, zucchini and bullysticks. They love having their very own stuffed animals and blankets and toys. And especially snuggle time with you! 

Cavalier's have a few health issues they are prone to. When purchasing a puppy be sure to ask the breeder if the puppy has been cleared of any Heart, Patella or Fontanelle trouble. As well as DNA tested for Episodic Falling Syndrome,Degenerative Myelopathy & Dry Eye/Curly Coat Syndrome. Also ask if they've been checked for Inguinal and/or Umbilical hernias. And be sure the necessary repair surgeries have been done prior to bringing your new puppy home or during future spay/neuter. Cavalier's often still suffer from Mitral Valve complications as young as 5 years of age. This is the price we pay for creating the breed.

We feed our Cavalier's a complete diet and top dress with fresh vegetables, meats and kefir or probiotics. Our pregnant and nursing mamas often get a special home made raw diet as well with organic prenatal vitamins for optimal health. For bones and rawhides we use Nylabones, bullysticks, pig ears, cow hooves and beef or venison bones. ;) Always read labels before buying food and treats for your baby! We have our dogs on a regular natural heart worm & de-worming preventative, Young Living brand Parafree, and flea/tick protection daily with Wondercide products. We also use Brewer's Yeast & garlic on their kibble to prevent Ticks from biting. And offer fresh vegetables sprinkled with ginger & turmeric on their daily kibble for digestive support, heart support and cancer preventative.

They get bathed and groomed regularily to keep an eye on any sores, ticks or hot spots trying to sneak in and have their ears treated to prevent ear mites with natural Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Tea Tree oil. Puppies require regular bi-weekly de-worming, 3+ sets of vaccinations and a rabies vaccination in their first year. We do minimal vaccinations for our breeding adults and titer test for immunity prior to booster vaccinations (if necessery at that point.) The first year is when the most expenses are incurred in raising your puppy.  But a well cared for and well trained puppy will make a lifetime of rewards! We encourage you to spay/nueter after 12-18 months to ensure proper bone development and reduce the risk of future cancers. 

All our Cavaliers are register-able with the American Kennel Club. We have Blenheim and Tri colors, as well as Black/Tan & Ruby We raise our puppies with the intention of them being Family Pets & Service Companions. We do not sell for breeding stock. All puppies come with Limited AKC registration-without breeding rights. Currently our puppies are $1800.


Crate training your Cavalier is a must. It keeps them safe while you're away from home or can't keep an eye on them. Preventing them from creating any bad habits while you're away, like pottying in the house or chewing your slippers too. ;) The most effective way to train your puppy to behave properly is never giving them the chance to make a mistake. Keeping close contact or a short leash on them at all times for the first several months will be very rewarding for years to come! Using small, soft cat or dog treats and plenty of praise EVERY time they do a good behavior. Even when scolded be sure to quickly redirect to something positive. For example, if you find your puppy chewing your slipper, first grab a rawhide or puppy toy, then approach them and scold briefly, while immediately praise them and showing them their appropriate toy. Or if you scold them, say for biting your hand, when they quit the undesired behavior, immediately reward with a treat and redirect their attention elsewhere.  Crates are also a huge tool in house training. Dogs love their crates and feel safe in them. Most often they will not potty in their crate if it can be helped. They often will go lay down in them all on their own. Just be sure to throw a comfy fleece blanket in for them to make themselves a cozy nest! When potty training, always use the same route, same door, same area. Choose a route that is direct to the door and yard where you want them to learn it's okay to potty. Avoid taking them through an area with a lot of stairs or distractions on the way to streamline their success. Remember your puppy is a small breed dog and their bladders aren't very big yet. Take them out potty after each nap, after eating or drinking, after play time and after being in their crate. Limit their food and water intake a few hours before bed time. This will help reduce accidents in their crate. The first few weeks they may wake up needing to go potty in the middle of the night. That's alright, they will grow out of it. Be sure to reward with treats and praise every time they potty in the right spot! They also may cry and howl the first several nights in their crate because they are lonely for their siblings. The best thing to do is leave them be, don't reward them by letting them out until they have been completely quiet for a long while. It's amazing how quickly they will learn to to curl up and go straight to sleep.  Once they've been completely potty trained and are trustworthy, usually around 5 months of age, you can then let them stay out during the night to snuggle in bed with you. :)

Our Cavaliers are ready for their new homes at 8-12 weeks of age. They will have been de-wormed, had theIr dew claws removed, are microchipped with AVID, and have received 1 set of vaccinations and had a veterinarian exam. We will meet you up to 100 miles distance one way if needed, or will gladly work with a pet nanny or meet you at the airport if you choose to fly in yourself for pick up.

Doing what Cavaliers do best! 

Snuggle tight!

Our puppies are $1800.00 We accept Paypal credit card payments, with a 2.7% fee. We require a $400.00 deposit to hold your choice of puppy until they are old enough to leave. 

Meet Olive, our Tri colored Cavalier.

Do Cavalier's snore? You'd better believe it!! :)

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