Painted Blessing's Cavaliers~Breeder of AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Jeff & Brooke Newsom 6130 State Highway K Seymour, MO 65746 [email protected] 417.299.1357

SELLER: Jeff & Brooke Newsom

BUYER:_________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________

Signatures below, acknowledge our understanding of, agreement with, and intention of compliance with the terms and conditions of this contractual agreement for the sales and conveyance of the following dog(s) or puppy/puppies.

Identifying information: Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Microchip: ___*___*___ 

Sex: _____________________

Sire: _______________ Dam:_________________________ 

Color: _______________ D.O.B. ______________________

Financial Terms: In consideration of a purchase price of $1500.00, which has been paid-in-full, for which this contract serves as receipt, the SELLER transfers responsibilities associated with the ownership of the Cavalier listed and described above, to BUYER as of the date indicated on the first page of this agreement.

One Year Health Guarantee: This puppy is companion registered with the American Kennel Club and embodies the basic standards of the breed. Puppy is current on vaccinations, de-worming and has been examined by a licensed veterinarian. SELLER guarantees puppy to be free of communicable viruses for 72 hours after BUYER receives puppy. SELLER guarantees puppy to be free of any life threatening congenital defects for the first year of ownership. BUYER acknowledges that no veterinarian bill or expenses otherwise incurred by the BUYER will be paid for by SELLER at any time. There are no guarantees offered for this puppy's training ability, size, markings, temperament or hypo-allergenic status. Non-life threatening ailments such as hypoglycemia, hernias, monorchidism, patella/hip, cherry eye, entropion, skin allergies or parasites are not covered by this guarantee. This guarantee is non-transferable to a third party.

For any remedy from SELLER of said puppy, BUYER must provide written veterinary confirmation to SELLER with 72 hours of veterinary diagnosis. If the claim is for the death, all documents from a licensed veterinarian, a formal necropsy, and cause of death will be sent to SELLER. If claim occurs within the first year and the claim found valid, the puppy will be replaced by one of equal value and of the same gender as puppies are available, with the BUYER being responsible for all transportation costs. Prior to replacement of the puppy, the original AKC papers must be signed and returned to SELLER. BUYER is encouraged to maintain the puppy's health with veterinarian visits as needed, flea/tick prevention, a proper diet, routine teeth cleanings or dental spray for heart health and a clean and safe environment provided at all times. Companion puppies are sold with limited AKC registration, show or breeding dogs will have an addendum with their sales contract and guarantee. BUYER is strongly encouraged to have companion puppy spayed or neutered between one and two years of age for their optimal health.

Payments and Chargeback: If puppy was purchased via Paypal or Credit Card, BUYER agrees that no chargeback will be filed after arrival or pick up of said puppy. BUYER is responsible for all of SELLER's expenses in the course of collection on a chargeback transaction for purchase price and puppy.

Limitations and Exclusions: No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated above. Any modifications to this agreement must be attached to this document and agreed upon by both SELLER and BUYER, complete with signatures of all parties. Any disputes regarding said puppy, BUYER or SELLER, shall be settled only in Webster County, MO.

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